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A personal, honest approach to children's urologic care

Pediatric Services


Pediatric services provided by a dedicated team of pediatric professionals

For Parents


Education and information for the decisions that affect your kids

Pre-Birth to 1 Year

babyFrom prenatal diagnosis of urologic conditions in the womb to the evaluation and treatment of a range of pediatric urologic conditions in infants, the dedicated specialists at Chesapeake Urology For Kids have extensive experience in pediatric urology coupled with the understanding that babies, and parents, need specialized care and personal treatment. The pediatric urology team has all of your child's urologic needs covered, from the common to the complex.  

Learn more about the conditions we treat in infancy.

1 to 10 Years

boy in tubeFrom the toddler stage to the pre-teen years, your children are growing up quickly. As they grow, the health needs of children also change, which is why Chesapeake Urology For Kids was specially designed with children's special needs in mind. Every child is unique and so are their health conditions, which is why delivering very personalized care is at the forefront of everything our specialsts do. 

Learn more about the conditions we treat for children ages one to 10.


10 to 18 Years

Preteen and TeenAs kids grow older, urologic health issues that affect children's changing bodies need the specialized attention of pediatric urology professionals who understand the uniques needs of pre-teen and adolescent boys and girls. The team at Chesapeake Urology For Kids knows that the best care is a combination of medical excellence, honest, open communication and support. 

Learn more about the conditions treated in the pre-teen and adolescent years.

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