Pediatric Ultrasound

An important component of your pediatric urology team at Chesapeake Urology For Kids are the pediatric ultrasound specialists. 

Ultrasound is a painless imaging technology that uses high frequency sound waves to view internal organs and produce pictures of the body. Unlike other imaging technology such as X-rays, MRI or CT scans, an ultrasound does not use radiation to produce the images. Ultrasound is used to diagnose a variety of conditions of the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys in babies and children. 

At Chesapeake Urology For Kids, our ultrasound specialists have years of experience in this diagnostic field. They understand that kids have unique needs when it comes to urologic care and are dedicated to putting your child at ease. Our specialists will walk your child through the entire process in simple terms they can understand so that they are comfortable before the ultrasound test even begins. 


Meet Our Ultrasonographers

High quality ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool for babies and children and Chesapeake Urology For Kids' team of highly trained ultrasonographers have extensive experience and knowledge of pediatric ultrasound. 


Nechama GoldmanNechama Goldman, RDMS, RVT

Working as a sonographer for more than 16 years, Nechama Goldman, RDMS, RVT, has worked at Chesapeake Urology since 2007, performing renal, pelvic and scrotal ultrasounds and providing exceptional and quality ultrasounds for pediatric patients. Her prior pediatric experience was earned at The Johns Hopkins Hospital where she serviced the pediatric urology clinic. When it comes to providing superior pediatric care,

Nechama says, “I am meticulous in providing quality medical ultrasounds while allowing my patients to feel comfortable.”



Ariella AlperAriella Alper, RDMS

Ariella has more than four years working in pediatric urology as an ultrasonographer and has extensive knowledge of and experience in performing abdominal, renal, pelvic, bladder, vascular and scrotal diagnostic ultrasounds, among others. Ariella explains each ultrasound procedure so that her patients and their parents feel at ease and says, “I try to get a good sense of the child's needs and to eliminate any fear the child might have as quickly as possible, while still getting the clear and concise images needed.”