Undescended Testicles


An undescended testicle, also called a “cryptorchid testis,” is a common event in which one or both of the testes, the male reproductive glands, do not complete normal descent from the abdomen into the scrotum by birth. 

The function of the testicle is to produce hormones and sperm. If the testicle is not in the "correct place," it may not grow, develop or function correctly. Additionally, an undescended testicle may be associated with an increased risk of testicular cancer if not corrected prior to puberty. 

According to a recent study, the average age when a boy is seen by a pediatric urologist for an undescended testicle is 6.8 years. Dr. Robert Mevorach recommends that boys be treated for an undescended teaticle either through "watchful waiting" or surgical intervention at an early age. Vigilance by a child's pediatrician and parent is important when the child is very young. 

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