Tips for Dealing with Your Child's Bedwetting

Nightime bedwetting can be stressful for both the child and the parents. It's important for parents to understand that bedwetting is common in young and even older children. Patience, understanding and persistence is important when helping your child overcome nighttime bedwetting. 

Following are some tips from our pediatric urology specialists on how to help your child deal with bedwetting and how to help parents cope with this issue:

  1. Be aware of how bedwetting affects your child's self-esteem and confidence. Don't yell at or punish your child for wetting the bed. Instead, try positive reinforcement techniques such as a sticker chart for every night your child stays dry.

  2. Involve your child in the effort to overcome bedwetting. Let your child know that this is a team effort. If your child does wet the bed, have him or her help you change the sheets and wash the soiled clothes. But also let them know that it is OK and that he or she will try again to stay dry the next night.

  3. Explain to your child that he or she isn't the only child who wets the bed. Feelings of isolation and embarrassment can hinder your child's progress in overcoming the problem. 

  4. Don't deny your older child the opportunity for a sleepover with friends. Discretely place a pair of disposable underpants in his or her overnight bag and teach your child to use these underpants at night and dispose of it in the morning. 

  5. While you and your child are working to get through his or her bedwetting, cover the mattress in a water-proof matress cover and place an absorbant pad on the bed to protect sheets in the event your child wets the bed.